Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Archived from Instagram: Gundam Astray Noir and Regenes Impulse

Just putting up some photos of two kits that have been in my Gundam kitbash sights lately. Originally posted in The Eclectic Chair.

Astray Noir

The Astray Noir is a limited-run kit that I figured I could do some kitbashing on. In this case, i didn't bother to try and assemble the Noir pack it came with, I simply used the Noir Pack from my original Strike Noir. Also I removed the katana blades that were attached to the pistols. While the idea of a gunblade sounds good in theory, the execution was awkward. After that, I also armed it with Duel rifles, and the shield from the Strike Noir.

Regenes Impulse

Aside from the Destiny backpack and the head parts I acquired to get the non-spiked monoeye look, this is basically the old MG Impulse that I have. I've stowed the Destiny pack into storage, so here it is with a ver.1 MG Aile Pack. I have to say, it looks like the Dagger Strike in this photo.

I'll probably have more photo ops coming up, as this two-set also tested to see how my old hangar functions as a photo booth after all this time.