Monday, July 12, 2010

HG00 1/144 GN-0000 / Odachi Weapons System

 At the behest of Mike Tan, Who has correctly warned me about doing too many kits at the same time, I'm concentrating on this one.

I got this idea for a 00 variant shortly after I received my MG Astrays. So, I did research on what exactly was the term for "big sword" in Japanese, and came across three: Daikatana, Nodachi and Odachi. At first, i wanted to call this project Nodachi, but after reading the fine differences between the terms, I've decided to stick to Odachi.

Here are the weapon parts, along with one of my assembled 00 units:

So far, I've started with the basic chest. much to my concern, it turns out that the areas near the injection marks are slightly concave, so aside from doing the preliminary sanding in the pic, I may have to use some putty to flatten the areas at the shoulder/armpits. Also, After checking the top of the shoulders, am tempted to make an extra line and then paint the top of the shoulder area Grey, given that one construction seamline already makes it look like a moving part.

More to come, I've allotted at least an hour each day to this project - no hurry, really. I haven't built a kit in years, and I think this is one I should do slowly.