Friday, March 14, 2014

Suffering from Gunpla Burnout? Try Plamo!

Ever get that tired feeling with something you love doing, but for one reason or another it's been getting less and less fulfilling with every new project you do? That's what most people would call burnout. That state of mind where something you find fun and satisfying starts to become a chore.

Some say it's either the hobbyist, the community, or the franchise that's the main problem, but in my case it's a little bit of everything.

Earlier, at the start of the year I got tired of a full 2013 doing nothing but Gundam model kits (in 1/144, and halfheartedly finishing two 1/100). I was going through the aforementioned burnout phase. New work  messed up my schedule and split my concentration, and to be honest I've been growing tired with how little I've been learning and finishing since coming back to the hobby, not to mention how I've haven't found a solid group to integrate with (although I do really feel more comfortable as some wanderer on the fringes), I've been in the events, immersed in the scene, talked with the people in the hobby and a combination of everything above just killed my mojo for these tiny plastic robots.

Last year's work, not as much as I'd wanted done and not as fine, either.